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    Culture Geek: a Social Impact Entrepreneur who harmonizes technology, courageous ideas and empathetic design to revitalize communities through innovative business models.

    Food is Culture is Community

    I want to change the role businesses play in their neighborhoods. I believe like individuals, businesses are on the ground and have a front row seat to address the challenges facing their respective communities. If businesses focus on the needs of their communities instead of profit, meaningful growth of their community will translate into financial success for everyone. Small Chop aims to reinforce this notion by creating community building experiences centered around culture and food.

  • "So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth"


    ~ Baha'u'llah

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    Owner & Founder Small Chop

    Small Chop x The Hilltop Bar: A Community Cafe Experience

    In our digital age the notion of community is changing drastically and communities are becoming increasingly insular and separate. Small Chop's first project was a popup cafe. In many cultures around the world cafes and tea houses have historically been gathering places to share ideas, discuss the issues of the day, and brush shoulders with people from all walks of life.


    My goal was to carry forward this tradition with a beautifully designed cafe that was affordable and welcomes people from all walks of life. I sought to identify a local business that was not operating during the day in a neighborhood that could benefit from a coffee program. We were fortunate to find The Hilltop Bar. Located in the historic Pleasant Plains neighborhood in Washington D.C.


    Located in the historic Pleasant Plains neighborhood in Washington D.C. and with the help of my dear friend (COFFEE GENIUS) Antajuan Scott, we launched Small Chop Cafe & Bake Sale. The pop up ran for 3 months beginning in January. We were extremely proud to be the first coffee shop to serve Lost Sock Coffee. We called our food selection Bake Sale and invited some of the best bakeries in the DMV to contribute to our "Bake Sale". To name a few... Paisley Fig, Cowbell Kitchen, Republic Kolache, and Le Caprice DC. Every day we had beautiful fresh flowers delivered by Petal DC. In our short stint we landed on Eater DC's heat map featuring the top 20 coffee shops in DC. Most importantly we created a space where all were welcome.


    This experiment is the first of many to come. Stay tuned for Small Chop Break Bread.

    General Manager The Gibson & Marvin

    Managed 2 of DC’s most iconic bars and restaurants. The Gibson was voted 2015 best cocktail bar under my watch.

    General Manager Maketto PopUp at Hanoi House

    Executed the incredible Erik Bruner Yang’s vision of weaving together food, retail and a community cafe within the Hanoi House noodle experience.

    Restaurant Manager The Brixton

    Opened the highly anticipated 3 level bar/restaurant. Managed a diverse team of 28, paying tribute to the Brixton immigrant experience.

  • Education

    University of Massachusetts


    Bachelor of Science in Economics

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